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FIC PA-2013
FIC 503+
Soyo SY-5EHM
AMD K6-2 400MHz
AMD K6-2 300MHz
Intel Celeron 400A
STB Velocity 4400
Diamond Viper V550
Hercules Dynamite TNT
3Com Etherlink XL
Intel EtherExpress PRO 10/100+
Linksys 10/100PCI
Linksys 5 port Workgroup Hub
D-Link 8 port Hub
Ben's 19" Monitor
CTX 17" .26 CRT
Best Buy 17" .26 CRT
Everything Else
Redhat Linux 5.2
Punk Rock


Okay, the reason this page is even up is for a few reasons. The rest of these hardware sites are a bunch of wankers, except for Anandtech. Yes, I said it, even Tom's Hardware, and every other site I've seen. Bloated graphics, frames, no meat (even thought I'm vegetarian, I can use that term). Nevertheless, I've compiled an elaborate list of people who know hardware. You can count on opinions, because without opinions, all you get it straight crap. I know when I want to buy hardware, I don't want to read a review that leaves me hanging by a thread, and then I find out there's no stats or any substance to the review. You can count on accurate accounts, and yes, we'll recommend a system. The reason we can do this is, that we use computers for more than just games. I really don't know about some of the other hardware sites out there, but all they do is test 3D. Now what the hell does that tell me? Nothing! I don't JUST run games on my computer, and definitely not just Quake and Quake 2. Yes, people run 2D apps, emulators, Linux, Windows95, UNIX, BeOS, MacOS, more than just the preloaded OS's! We will actually test on multiple platforms, rather than JUST Windows98, like all the other biased sites. We have all used computers for a lengthy time, more than JUST Intel processors, more than just Voodoo cards, more than just Sony monitors, you don't need to pay a fortune to know good hardware, or use good hardware, and that's my goal and point. With this page, I hope to break the barrier of bull all the other hardware sites have been spoon feeding you. Oh, and if you wonder what the hell the name means, it's just a dumb joke, one-liner, maybe, nothing too relevant, or deep, for that matter.


Brian: He does everything pretty much, he has a lot of experience with Socket 7, as well as RivaTNT graphics, and computer problems.

Ben: He's the power user of the group, his computer has a biohazard symbol on it, and he is in desperate need of more hard disk space. SCSI, Intel, Asus, only the best.

Patrick: He's just comic relief. (Actually, I wrote most of this, I generally am very picky on what I like, and look for the best Price/Performance deal on the market. Waiting for AMD to recooperate.)


2-8-99: Whaddya expect??! This is our first week up, everything's news! I know the reviews are meager, but we hope to make up for this in depth and relevance. If you have any products you would like to donate, please help us out, all reviews will be done subjectively, and will be unbiased. In return for your generous donation, we will offer ad space to all of those generous enough to grace us with their newest products. Please contact us with any information.