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Calydonian BoarHunt

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One year, King Oeneus of Calydon managed to forget Artemis during the annual sacrifice to the gods. Artemis responded by bringing forth the largest, most savage, boar ever seen and unleashing on Calydon. The boar destroyed crops, killed men and livestock, and forced the people off the land to the protection of city walls. When planting season came the city face starvation unless the boars siege could be lifted.

Oeneus sent the word out seeking the bravest to hunt the boar and promising its skin as a prize. The most heroic of the generation responded. Many of the Argonauts came including the King's son Meleager . Also, several Meleager's Uncles from the neighboring Curetes. Amongst those who came was the great huntress Atlanta .

Atalanta's presence immediately caused problems. Many did not want to hunt with Atalanta because she was a woman. Meleager forced the rest of the hunting party to accept her. This lead to the opinion that Meleager must have been in love with Atalanta. The possibility that he respected her hunting skill is not considered.

When the boar was found things went badly. The boar struck first killing Ancaeus and several others. Then Peleus threw a javelin but, hit is friend Eurytion instead of the boar.

Finally, Atalanta turned the battle when she drew first blood with one of her arrows. Amphiaraus scored next. Then Meleager closed in and finished the boar. At this point a quarrel broke out over the skin prize. A quarrel that would result in Meleager killing his own uncles , which in turn would bring about his own early death.

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